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I'm the little one holding my favorite book, "The Art of El Greco". I took it with me everywhere. I really liked his painting of the Cardinal in red. I thought he was Santa.

As the youngest child, I was always trying to catch up to my brothers and sister. It didn't work! So, I spent a lot of time creating my own world…
...in my head...
...on paper...
I loved to draw
...in the woods
following stone walls
and creating forts

...and in my room...I spent hours building kingdoms on my floor. I planted fields of crops out of brightly colored beads. I "borrowed" my brothers' trucks and chessmen. The pawns were the peasants working the fields, picking the crops. The knights and rooks drove the trucks and bossed the peasants. The King and Queen ruled. I had total control!

I grew up in Connecticut. I lived in lots of different houses, but stayed in the same community. My mom supported us with her real estate business. My dad had a little office somewhere. He was very creative, but none of us could figure out what he actually "did".